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Third party processing

An important part of Bassi’s work is dedicated to the production of work for third parties.Specialized in the creation and processing of high quality jewelry, the company has benefited from the valuable contribution of a large staff of artisans, who work the full cycle : from the fusion of the gold bar to the finished piece.

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To characterize the production of Bassi, in addition to the knowledge of ancient manual techniques handed down by goldsmith craftsmen of the past, the company thanks to a continuous process of formal and technological innovation, has embarked on an impressive and strategic path by increasing production capacity and specific skills among

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The main ones are:

  • Rapid protoryping
  • Setting with microscope
  • Chisel and diamond cutting
  • 3D design and programming
  • Casting
  • Protofusione
  • Printing /stamping
  • CNC turning (3 and 4 axis machines) )
  • CNC milling (3 and 5 axis machines)
  • Laser processing
  • Cutting, writing, welding
  • Creations of modeld
  • Flexibility in the processing of various materials, precious (gold, silver and platinum) and non-precious (brass, bronze, steel, titanium etc)
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In addition, the company has started a path of growth and development in corporate social and environmental responsibility, and is in the process of obtaining recognition of the certification Responsible Jewelry Council.

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