Bassi Backstage Venice Jewellery

Go Behind the Scenes during Bassi Italian Jewels video shooting in Venice

I love adventures of any kind, but I’ve found that the best ones are usually unexpected. Soon we will shoot a new video , so I thought I would share details and pictures from our last epic shooting in Venice! I met up with part of the group at Piazzale Roma in Venice. From her on our adventure went on by foot or on a boat. A city with no cars, a dream that can’t seem real!!…Venice is the most beautifull city in the world, so unique and deep,  charming and  full of mysteri; just think of how cool it would be to go to work evrey day by boat and live in a city floating on water! It would be hilarious. Anyways, our two days consisted of endless laughter, a ridiculous amount of selfies, shoping in Rialto, and of course in an amazing photoshooting with colombian playmate Madleine Majdal and photographer Mattia Carlese; Shes simply gorgeous and hes so funny. Take a look at the backstage of bassi Italian jewels photo shooting for now, more pictures with our fantastic jewellery is coming soon….

Madleine Gold Backstage Bassi Italian Jewels


Madleine Majdal @ Bassi Italian Jewels  backstage with makeup artist Sara Scarpa

Bassi Backstage Venice Jewellery

Venice is a true paradise for filming and a great challenge for any production team but we managed well. The shooting went on all day , the model had outfit changes for each collection directly on set . The location where we decided to  set the shoot was a lovely taxi boat called ” Brigante ” . We had the  chance to search for the perfect spot . we chose  ” canal grande ”  and   “ponte dei sospiri”   2  of the most characteristic spots of Venice. The idea behind  Madeleine photo shoot can be summed into one word: iconic. We tried to fuse the model, the jewels and the astonishing view in front of San marco into one harmonious palette of colours and shapes.

these 2 days were absolutely wonderful, the photos came out just great and I am so thankful I have found a working crew who like crazy adventures as much as I do! By the way my name is Linda I’m a stylist and blogger, I will take you behind the scenes of Bassi Italian Jewels events and will keap you updated with news and the creation of new collections..


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